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Tecno System

Machines for vertical blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds and technical blinds such as pleated and wood venetian blinds.

Since 1990 Tecno system has designed, produced and sold, enjoying increasing success, machineries for the production of vertical, venetian (aluminium, wood), pleated and roller blinds, (always meeting top requirements); More than 85% of our products are exported W.W.


Tecno system products, are value engineered, top quality and built to last. Tecno system , is prepared to sell the “know-how” and information, to appropriate clients: (O.E.M agreement, synergy-partnership and joint-venture). Furthermore, its flexible approach means that Tecno system can easily react to trends or even launch new trends. Our accurate delivery means that customers can always respond to the latest demands.

Tecno system commitment:

We trade with the highest standards of professionalism and loyalty.
Components come from high quality suppliers.
Machines design come from consultation with our clients/ markets.
Customization is available for individual needs.
Our machines are built to last.
Modular design allow for expansion so an investment is future-proofed.
We deliver excellent training to make our clients self sufficient.
Tecno system support its products 100%.

With the strongest possible emphasis on practical innovation, Tecno system is strongly focused on being the Blind Manufacturer’ most Valued Business Partner.


Tecno system was founded in 1990 to develop the innovative ideas the experiences the three shareholders had achieved in the field of machineries for the production of vertical blinds with coated and uncoated fabrics; becoming, at present, one of the leading “players” of machines for the production of blinds in the world. The range of our production is adapted to the needs of various customers/market trends. Our offer includes either manual machines or the highest-level automatic machines characterized by a high productivity. Above 20 years of experience was appreciated by small, medium and large enterprises worldwide. At present on all the continents work succesfully more than 2,000 machines produced by our company.


For the construction of our products we use our own concepts and experience, but first of all the needs of our customers/market trends. For Tecno system is not a problem to produce the machines, we have and will have the newest technical solutions. Our machines have only what is necessary to produce blinds(venetian, vertical roller) This decidedly distinguishes our products and decreases their price. The range of our production is adapted to the needs of various customers. That's why you can find in our offer either manual machines or the highest-level automatic machines characterized by a high productivity. Individual models of machines differ in productivity only, while the units that have an influence on product quality are the same in all the machines' types.


The specialisation obtained in the production of machines used to make any type of window panels, has enabled us to develop modular systems designed to optimise production costs, with significant benefits on the quality and reliability of the product.

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